About Us

Cycloworks is the idea of Pete DeNitto.  


Pete loved cycling at an early age.  His training wheels were taken off a fateful day when he was 4.  After that, he rode his bike everywhere.  That is, until he got his learner's permit.  After that, the bike rusted and went away.

As a freshman in college, Pete saw his first live cycling race; the Tour de Trump, as it rode in Richmond, VA.  The seeds were sown, but it took quite a long time for them to blossom.  It wasn't until Pete started work in Austin that he regained the spark for Pro Cycling.  But still he was just a sometimes fan, and really just of the Tour de France.

Pete wasn't a very fit man, and still didn't bike.  Once day he said to his wife "You know, I'd like to ride up a Col or Cote (aiming high as always) of the Tour de France in the next 10 years."  But that was just a "one day I'll get around to it" statement.

In the next 24 months, Pete's life changed.  He and his wife had their first child.  Shortly after his daughter's birth, Pete's mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Her biggest regret wasn't the things she had done, it was the things she hadn't, mainly visiting Australia.  She missed Pete's daughter's 1st birthday; July 13th.

On July 14th, Pete decided to buy a bike, lose weight, and start trying to fulfil that goal.  100lbs, and 365 days later, on July 15th, Pete rode a bike up Mont Ventoux, hardly the Cote he was thinking of.  

Pete's personal site is at www.denitto.com, and can be found on twitter @ThePeteD