Another Lunch

November 14, 2012

It was much warmer for this ride than the one last week, which meant our group swelled from 12 to 23. Had a good ride. National was landing from the North, so the planes were barely staying aloft as we rode down the Potomac to Gravelly Point. Met and ate lunch with some interesting folks, but the issue was ony my ride home. As I get back on my bike after unlocking it after lunch, get down to the corner, I hear a weird pinging having to do with the wheels. Couldn't figure out which one or what the issue was, so I dismounted and starting looking at the hubs. Seems one of my spokes gave up the ghost. Of course it was the one where my cadence magnet is mounted. I was a bit disappointed because I had planned to ride back up the Rosslyn chute back up the Custis Trail for some more hill suffering, but instead rode the short route home. I really need to work on finding a shed company to replace my backyard shed so I can have some place to learn the craft of bicycle repair. So I'll have to take my wheel to the LBS tomorrow.

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