Seat Roll Premio

March 29, 2017 Seat Roll Premio

I love Silca. The attention to detail is amazing, and they seem to be as big of a fan of cycling as I am. So I just got a Seat Roll Premio as they JUST got them back in stock. Silca Seat Roll Premio Discount Code

I've been wanting a 2-Tube capable seat bag that doesn't have thigh scraping velcro/hook-and-loop attachments -- I've had to get my wife to patch holes on my team bib shorts due to this. I've got the Scicon Hipo 550 RL 2.1 thinking that I could get two tubes in 550cc... but no, that doesn't work.

But in ordering the Seat Roll, I got a shareable discount code for $10 off if you want to pick one up for yourselves. Go ahead, go buy some really cool stuff from Silca.

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