Arlington Ring (Easy Mode)

September 17, 2012

Got in a ride with a couple of co-workers doing the easy mode ring around Arlington. Easy Mode being that we took the easier route clockwise, where the big hills on the Custis Trail aren't as big, and the ride up from the beginning of the W&OD trail is the long-but-not-very-steep kind. I like going out on rides with someone or being lead by someone first, especially into territory I don't know at all. There are a couple of gotchas (the switchbacks coming down the Custis Trail just sort of appear, if you didn't know, you might get caught having to brake really hard to slow down) and oddness (nasty narrow opening under the 14th street bridge, and that long annoying wood bridge by Roosevelt Park), but overall it was a good ride. Maybe because the Nation's Triathlon was going on at the time, or that it was just a really nice day, there seemed to be a lot of pack runners out, but all were curteous and stayed to the right when we were passing. Didn't stop to take the obvious picture of the Washington Monument behind the Lincoln Memorial, but did snap this pic of a plane taking off from Reagan National Airport.

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