September 13, 2012

Some nights, I just don't feel it, and have to struggle to get out on the bike. Tonight was one of those nights. We had a company picnic earlier in the day, and after doing some bowling on the cricket pitch, coupled with being out in the sun, I was just tired by the time I got home. I also think that because all I had was a salad and a mini corn muffin for lunch was a bit of a corroborating factor. Though tonight I suffered thru a 10 mile ride... Took the hard hill first, and then was mostly down hill till my turn around: Caboose on the W&OD Trail. And to all those commuters, women, and fat guys chugging on the trail, thank you; you are all the motivation I need. One day I will be able to look in your eyes as equals, until then I will suffer thru my rides and mash my pedals.

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