Called on Account of Darkness

October 16, 2012

Sunday arrived, and what a great day it was. The weather warmed back up into the 70s and after doing the morning's honeydo's, I got all kitted out and jumped on the bike. The main purpose was to ride to the LBS and talk to the folks about cold weather gear. I ended up with a Bontrager base layer, as my big forearms did not fit into the XXL version of the Gore jacket I tried on. After visiting the LBS, the plan was to continue west on the W&OD Trail, and turn around once I hit 15 miles. The problem with that plan was two fold: It was a FREAKING incredible day, and at 15 miles I had just hit Herndon, and figured I'd keep going to Sterling and turn around... The feeling when cresting over Route 28 and seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains on the horizon planted another goal in my head; ride to Claiborne Parkway! The first house I bought was in Ashburn Farm, right off the W&OD off Claiborne Parkway, so I figured the sun was still high in the sky, why not? Well, I didn't realize that it was a whole 12 miles past Herndon! The Old Home But I did make it. On the way back I stopped at Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque to grab some quick calories and a sports drink, as I knew if I were to make it home, I was going to need something. The Garmin was reading 24 miles ridden so far, and I knew I had at least another 20 to get home. When I got to Herndon, I pulled out the phone and... ugh, 6pm already. Sunset was at least 6:30pm, so I had maybe an hour to get home. Herndon being 15 miles from home, and my legs were pretty much gone at that time, pedaling back against a pretty stiff headwind. I made it back to Vienna before I had to bail on the final leg home; called my wife to have her come pick me up, but I ended up with a 40 mile ride. Unless there's as good weather in November, that's probably my longest ride for this year. Heck, it's my longest ride EVER! It just was a massive disappointment that I wasn't able to make it home, but I know what people mean now when they talk about the bonk.

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