Coffeeneuring Ride #4: Brueggers

November 17, 2013

Brueggers 7393 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, VA 22042 Mileage: 2+ --- I was running up to the local Safeway to get some milk and bread, so I figured I'd stop into the local Italian restaraunt, because what Itailian restaraunt wouldn't have an espresso maker? This one. Their idea of an espresso was not a nespresso (which I would have taken), but a little tiny disc based espresso maker. This was now the second time I've enountered this abomination of coffee making, both at "Italian" restaraunts. There's no wonder why this place was empty. So I went across the parking lot to the Brueggers chain for a coffee and a snack: BW93uxeIgAAmeAP I then picked up the bread and milk and made it home so my daughter could have some "Chocosah Milk". 20131019_165103 20131019_165056 (Actual Ride was over 2 miles, Garmin had issues in the parking lot)

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