Coffeeneuring Ride #7: Pastry Xpo

November 18, 2013

Pastry Xpo 8190 Strawberry Ln #6, Falls Church, VA 22042 Mileage: 11.6 ---- After getting back from New Jersey early, as we didn't want to get stuck in Sunday traffic around the beltway, I found myself with an hour to finish my coffeeneuring. Back to the Mosaic district. I had half planned to stop into Fresh Bikes and try on some cold weather gear. First I made sure top stop at Pastry Xpo, for my favourite big brand coffee: Illy. A nice cappuchino with an "Energy Bar": 2013-11-03 16.06.44 I did not end up at Fresh Bikes; I figured it would be bad form to try on clothing while in kit. So I resigned to do that another day sans bikeride. So in solidarity with FB, I went to go on our normal Wednesday night Vuleta de Navy Federal. But this time, the responsible voice in my head won out. The one that was saying "You only have 30 minutes, and there's no way you can do the loop and get home in that time." And I headed back home, turning right on the W&OD instead of left. Not 60 seconds later I found myself staring down an 8 point Buck crossing the trail. If you look at my strava segment, you can see where my heart rate jumps up to 176. Yea, right there. He turned and fled, jumping into the brush and into someone's yard. Two days in a row, two very different ways to be scared.

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