Done With Being Sick

December 19, 2012

While we were visiting family in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, I had that feeling. The one where you get that feeling in the back of your throat and your soft palate that you're going to get sick. When we got home, it hit all of us like a ton of bricks. Coughing, sinus, congestion, the big three. So off the bike I kept, and I tried to get rest and recuperation. Trips to the store to make you feel like a criminal to get anything with pseudoephedrine (because that penylaprine doesn't work on me), and to find out, why yes, Vicks did take any nasal gecongestive drug out, because I had thought the Tylenol cold guys were lying. Well, after almost 3 weeks of being off the bike, it was time to get back out there. Today's ride was a quick ride to the LBS to see what they had in the way of winter gear. I didn't buy a lot, just a pair of leg warmers (which make a BIG difference out there), because I gave the wife a list of cycling gear (that didn't include the leggings) for Christmas ideas, and didn't want to buy something she or my family might have purchased. What struck me about this ride was just how good my legs felt. I could make them spin in any sane gear, and they kept going. What gave me problems were my lungs; with the cold weather and the near bronchitis, my lungs just weren't there. I had to labour more for breath doing what just three weeks ago was not all that difficult. But I just had to remember Rule 5 and that being out here on a colder day gave me points towards Rule #9. Biking over 66

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