Espresso in Lewes

January 02, 2013

It was a nice but windy ride up to Lewis, the wind coming at a 15-20mph clip from the west-northwest, so every jog west was rewarded with pain. Once in Lewes, I decided to do what every cyclist does in the midst of a ride; look for an Espresso. A quick lap around the downtown area resulted in stopping at what seemed to be promising; "A Touch of Italy", an Italian Deli/Bakery. I figured, where else in Lewes would you want to get an Espresso than from an Italian bakery? touch Greeted by nice meats and pasteries, I asked the wait staff (there's a small seating section for lunch there) for a double espresso. So, like any good italian restaraunt, they went to the espresso machine, and... Yea, packeted Espresso. Bloody awful. Never again. That's about all I want to say about that. Rode back to Rehoboth disappointed, stopped by the Henlopen City Oyster House, where the Jamie the veteran bartender (and biker himself) suggested that while I was out, I ride up to Gordon's pond, which I did. It's not a ride for a road bike; my hybrid tires had little problems with the trai, though a full on 29er might get more use out of the park area, as it becomes double tracked muddy conditions beyond the crushed granite at the viewing platform. gordons

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