First Wakefield Ride

May 08, 2013

There seems to be an ongoing standing bike ride (supposedly run by the PPTC, but it seemed to be pretty non-denominational) for a Tuesday/Thursday ride at Wakefield Park in Springfield. So I decided to go ride it at the CC level. I came home promptly at 5pm, and rushed to get everything together. Shoes, bibs, jersey, bike, garmin, etc...It was only when I was out the door and on the way that I remembered I forgot a water bottle. Oh well. There are 8 different ways I could get there by car, I chose the wrong one, as there was a wreck on the entrance ramp to the beltway, so I called the ride leader and told him I was going to be a little late. I got there just after the group rolled out (saw them crossing 620) and quickly got everything together and took off after them, grabbing a cue sheet that the PPTC leader had left. Eventually with some help of some other veteran riders, I found the PPTC CC leader and proceded to suck his wheel for the rest of the ride. It didn't help that it was new territory for me, so there really wasn't any leading I could do, and with the sheer amount of twists and turns, there was no way I was going to learn this route quickly. What I did learn is that I'm not a flat/little hills CC rider. I'm past that, but my bike handling skills are barely CC level. I need to spend more time riding in a group and learning how to ride in a group before I move up to the B/BB/A group.

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