Injury Annoucement

September 30, 2015

So this evening watching the local news, there was a report about a local college football player missing an entire season of football, and was inspired to do the same:
LOCAL CAT5 AMATEUR CYCLIST TO MISS ENTIRE 2016 SEASON Rookie racer Peter DeNitto was looking to improve on a learning 2015 season when he was out for a training ride and crashed into a truck and broke his pelvis. After surgery performed at Inova Fairfax Hospital by Dr. Steven Malekzedeh, Pete will unfortunately miss the entire 2016 MABRA Road Race season. Dr. Malezedeh put Pete's return to racing not until the 2017 season. "6 weeks until he's able to bear weight on his right leg, 6 months until I expect him to be able to get back on a bike, and probably not until October of 2016 will he be able to be back to racing form," the Dr was paraphrased as saying. Dr. Malekzedeh repared DeNitto's acetabular joint in his pelvis, requiring 4 hours of surgery and a week-long hospital stay. DeNitto crashed hard on his right side while trying to avoid running into a moving truck while out on a training ride. DeNitto was preparing to ride the Amish Country Century in Dover, DE, and then the Seagull Century with his wife, who was preparing for her first century ride herself. "I promise to do everything the Doctor and therapists tell me to, in an effort to get back on the bike and resume normal life," DeNitto said. "I hope that things go better than expected and I might be able to race the last few races of the 2016 season, but if I have to make the 2017 Richmond International Raceway race to be my next race, then that will be what happens."

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