Just one street more

September 07, 2012

I had set a goal today to ride to the Dulles Toll Road from the Vienna Community Center. I figured that it would be a nice bit of hills to end a long day. When I got there I changed my goal to get to the Reston Town Center. So I kept going. The only thing that turned me around and got me headed for home was hitting a half hour on the elapsed timer. For such a hot and humid day it turned out pretty well on the bike. It was oddly quiet on the trail. I don't think I had to call out "on your left" but once on my trip up to Reston. The ride back was a bit more populated, which was a good and bad thing. Bad in that I had to check my speed following the wheel of someone where I could have probably gone by but didn't really have the ability to get much further in front, and good in that when I finally did pass her, I spend the last 2 miles of the uphill into Vienna trying to get onto the wheel of her husband who was churning along about 50 meters in front of me. I never did catch him, but it was more enjoyable with a very visual challenge to a long grind of a hill.

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