September 09, 2012

Such a wonderful day out today to ride. A pretty vicious cold front blew through last night, felling a good 8" caliper branch out of the tree in my back yard, and causing me to be without electricity for 15 hours, but it finally pushed out the crappy humidity that the remnants of Hurricane Isaac left behind. Again, coming up the long hill from Difficult Run up into Vienna the nether regions of my body became numb. Reading up on this, some people state that I should tilt up the nose of my seat or get a new saddle with a split in the middle. I'll have to go and talk with guys at my local bike shop and see what they say. As I was getting back towards my car, I decided to keep going, knowing that my legs weren't feeling the best today. As I plodded up a hill, I noticed a greying woman sitting on one of the trail-side benches. As she got up to get back on her bike as I passed, I noticed that she was missing half her right arm. When she passed me a mile further down the road, I realized I needed to keep going to the full completion of the route I had chosen.

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