Mount Vernon

April 16, 2013

So it was supposed to be a horrible weekend. Except the weather system pushed north and bypassed us completely. Funny that. I had wanted to do this weeks ago, but never got a good enough weekend to do so. The traffic on the Mount Vernon Trail was horrendous; so many people to pass. Though I did get to see a Ford GT in Old Town, and a Ferrari revving loudly down the GW Parkway. I did stop at Big Wheel bikes in Old Town; was not impressed. Meant to buy a presta/schrader valve adapter, but they wanted $4 for one, and no one was around to take my money, so I left. Forgot to turn the GPS back on, so I missed a good 5-8 miles of trip. My impression of the MVT: Nasty. Once you get south of Jones Point Park (i.e. the Woodrow Wilson Bridge), it is the worst bike trail I've ridden on, even worse than the Henry Hudson Trail up in New Jersey. So many bumps due to tree roots, or divots from erosion. The hill at the end by Mount Vernon was nice, but because of the traffic, I was stuck behind someone who was in early season form. Mount Vernon isn't accessible by bike, so I didn't go in.

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