New Bike Day!

February 11, 2013

So, I had agonized, analyzed, gone to just about every bike store around, looked at pricing, specials, etc. And so I get a slate of 5 bike stores and in which order I'm going to look at bikes... And I buy the first bike I ride. Go Figure. Got a good deal on a 2012 Cannondale Synapse 3 Team Liquigas bike. My main focus was to get an Ultegra groupset on a carbon bike (relaxed geometry over riding geometry) at a price as close to reasonable as possible. Now, the Synapse wasn't really in my price range, except it was a close out model, with a team paint job. The team was renamed to just Team Cannondale, so the Liquigas part got dropped. It was amazing to finally ride a road bike. With my 30" inseam, I felt best on a 54cm frame, though I will be going back for a true fitting in a couple of weeks. Got her home, went out for a shakedown ride. It was amazing. The hills I had been having issues with were easy, and power pedal stroke I could feel the accelleration. It's like going from driving a huge SUV to driving a suped up sports car. Next stop is 195 lbs, just 15 pounds away.

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