Replacement Frame Ride

May 02, 2013

I went and picked up the new bike/frame. Was floored by having to pay for the labour cost on a warranty repair. Something to think about with dealing with carbon frames. They will eventually break. You will have to get them replaced. And the manufacturer does not cover the labour (like they do with cars and motorcycles). Also was floored with having to buy a new seat post. (See my previous post regarding that). Sad that the pricing for the same seat post on very reputable cycling sites was still cheaper than what I paid at the bike shop, even with a "discount". Oh well. IMG_1252[1] Took it out for a ride when I got home. Wanted to flog it up the Poplar Drive Criterium route I had created on the commutotron to compare if having a triple even with the extra weight was better or worse than having a lighter frame with a compact crank. Lighter seems to win out over gearing. I was happy to have my road bike back, even if the soul of it had changed. It is no longer my Liqui-Bike, as the new Synapse colours that were available were not the team colors. The White + Black stripe and Red accents will still go with my alternative color team kit. I'll have to see what kind of soul the new bike has before I give it a proper name.

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