Resolutions / Wish List

December 21, 2012

Other than the rather obvious Wish List
  1. Continue the Bike Related Weight Loss (60lbs so far, that's 21% body weight)
  2. Once #1 hits 25% body weight, New Road Bike.... And it's gotta be a pretty one too.
  3. 2000 miles in the saddle (Strava says 546 since I bought my bike on 14 Jul)
  4. Start Commuting to Work by Bike.
  5. Rule #5
  6. Take my daughter along for a ride.
  7. Fairfax County to Finish Tyson's Corner Bike Lanes
  8. Ride the entirety of the W&OD and the FFX CCT (Not on the same day)
  9. Go to France for Stages 16-21 of the TdF and ride a Col.
  10. More Group Rides!

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