Sandy Blows

October 27, 2012

In an effort to try and get in one last ride before we left for home, I went out today after the Sea Witch Festival Parade. The Junction and Breakwater Rail Trail seemed to be a good goal for the day; it was windy, overcast, and chilly. The ultimate goal was to ride up to the Cape May/Lewes Ferry terminal and ride back. Salt Marsh The rail trail is awesome. I wouldn't suggest you ride it on a road bike, but on my hybrid, the crushed stone trail was alright. Trail Bike The odd thing is that the trail essentially ends in the middle of a subdivision. I then wound my way round over to Lewes, and stopped at the beach. Lewes Beach When I describe the day as windy, in the parking lot adjacent to the beach, pedaling almost all out, the best I could manage was about 8mph. I left the beach and made it over to the ferry terminal. Lewes Ferry Had a very European moment, went inside and got a cappuccino. Helped to warm me up for the ride back. Cappuccino Junction and Breakwater Trail The farmer's fields adjacent to the trail were full of fertilizer, making for a stinky return. I biked down Rehoboth Avenue to see how the beach was holding up to Hurricane Sandy's waves. Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk Did not see Al Roker or any of the Weather Channel folks hanging around; guess they were inside the hotel instead of standing outside in the wind. After going back down the Avenue, I stopped off at All Wheels for my 90 day checkup. They adjusted my shifters as I was having difficulty shifting into 7th and 5th gears. Really happy with how my bike shifts now. They had a bike that reminded me of one that Dirt was riding on the Arlington Fun Ride. Beach Bike They had a really nice Z5 with a 105 gruppo, and a Madone 3.1 that I was drooling over, but I'm still 13 pounds from a road bike, so I took that as motivation and rode home.

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