Season Goals

October 27, 2012

When I bought my bike back in July, the first goal I set for myself, as a real goal, was to bike from the house in Rehoboth Beach down to Bethany Beach. I figured that this would be an achievable goal, as route 1 between RB and BB is pretty straight and flat and the roads are wide and the shoulders are spacious. This ride was the completion of that goal. But the weather didn't make things all that easy. I had, at first, thought I had great legs for the day, as I was, with effort, keeping an 18mph speed up on the way down towards Bethany. With Hurricane Sandy starting to affect the winds, and the weatherman saying that the winds were coming in from the East, I figured I'd get hit with side winds mainly. And there were times where the road jogs east a bit that things would get tougher. I got down to the Bethany Beach sign, stopped and took a picture, and got back going up the road. Quickly I realized that those weren't my legs, that was the tail wind, as I struggled to keep between 13 & 14mph on the return trip. If it weren't for the goal smashing ride, I would have named it the Tour de Mourir; I saw a dead young buck, a dead 'possum, one dead bird, and a dead snake. That's the problem with getting out there and doing things in nature, nature smells so bad. WWII Defense TowersThe Indian River Inlet Bridge

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