Shirlington Lunch

November 05, 2012

Went on a chilly ride on the weekly Shirlington Lunch ride with the Potomac Pedalers. The path was the Clockwise version of the Arlington Loop, and I rode sweep for the ride, which meant I ended up riding at a slower than normal pace, as there were a couple other (than me) big guys that the Custis Trail hills bit into. Though, this meant I had to actually take on each hill, rather than getting some benefit off the downhill previous to the hill. Had lunch at the Capital City Brewery in Shirlington, had an oversized chicken breast sandwich with veggies, and a Prohibition Porter. Mmmmm. Rode back up, which was nice when you were in the sun, and down right chilly when you weren't, as the wind (always) was a headwind on the way home. Pretty sure I need to get at minimum a wind breaker shell and some wool socks.

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