Sick of Being Sick

March 07, 2013

I am so sick of being sick. It seems that over the past 6 months I've probably had a cold of some severity for at least 20 of those 26 weeks, and it's been getting hard to get in a ride with the weather and illness not taking the time to coordinate. I have started commuting to work, though I'm a bit of a wimp: I will not commute if there's a good chance of rain in the afternoon, if there's a wind chill under 40F, or generically the temperature is under 45F. I just don't have the cold weather gear for that yet, and I've been told by the Family CFO that I can't buy any more biking gear for the short term. Though I'm hoping to go on a couple of nice long rides this weekend to get some punishment back into my legs. I've been keeping on with the weight loss, and am now down 82 lbs (as of this writing) inching down towards 200lbs. I've now gotten into 36" waist jeans, which are getting big in the waist, but fit decently around the thighs. Related to the CFO, I did get a couple of XL bibs and jersey's that I fit well into, so I've got something other than the crufty MTB shorts that I bought back in July. Also, I'm trying to plan out the long organized rides for the year. I've been thinking of riding The Storming of Thunder Ridge which is in May, as a target for my first hilly century. This would also include a lot of climbing on the century route (OVER 9000! feet), which would be good for training for the tour in July. Also is Paul's Ride for Life which does a half-century on the W&OD in April. I'm also riding the Five Boro Bike Tour which is the first weekend in May. The other commitment was for the WABA VASA ride on March 17th. Maybe it's time to look for a calendaring plugin for the blog...

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