Some Days You Don't Ride

August 27, 2012

When a dieter cheats on a diet, they might be overcome with a feeling of guilt, because they haven't been true to the diet. This might lead to further binges, or a return to the straight and narrow. Some dieters incorporate a cheat day into their diet. Though there are a some people that say not to cheat ever. With cycling though, I've been working for a every-other-day ride schedule. This allows me to do something else on the in-between days, such as work out at the gym, or rest. However, some days when I want to ride, I can't. I was all set to ride on Saturday, but my wife had decided that it was Mulching Day, so off to Home Depot we went to buy [amazon_link id="B0031P1KBE" target="_blank" ]Cypress Mulch.[/amazon_link] I believe we went thru 24 bags of mulch. So my exercise for the day was hefting bags off the palette at HD onto a hand truck, pushing the truck to the SUV, putting them into the SUV, and then unloading them when I got home. I was feeling guilty, but I figured that Sunday I'd get a ride in. Woke up a little late that Sunday, only to find it raining outside. To rub it in, my friend was up at 6:30am to ride the Reston Bike Club Century, so I kept hoping for a break in the rain to get a ride in. Every time it got sunny and clear, I'd start to get ready to ride, and then more torrential rain would come; I even think we got some hail during the day. Then towards the later afternoon the lightning started coming down with the storms and I knew that Sunday was blown. Monday(today) started well, but the ominous call at 5:40pm informing me that my daughter had a fever and we had an 8pm appointment at the pediatrician meant no ride for me. Do I feel guilty? Yes.. I'm a little less guilty if my legs are still sore on a day I'm supposed to ride, but I feel a large guilty feeling when I've got fresh legs and am not able to ride. Every day I don't ride is one day I don't get miles into this weight issue. I've got around 315 days until I'm planning to go to France, and this is another day that's gotten behind me.

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