Vacation Cycling Part 2

February 11, 2014

The next day I hand-wrote out a cue sheet. It's one of the hidden things you have to remember how to do...Write in long-hand clearly enough to read while coasting down the road. I had wanted to ride back out again to Macabuca, and then to Popagallos, and then to Hell, and lastly go see what boats were in by the yacht club. 20140206_170739 Well, everything went well, until I got to Hell. Though on the way to Hell, you do get to ride by two of the more savory and awesome spots on the island. First is the Carribean Bakery. During lunchtime, they serve a very tasty pastry; the spiced meat patty. Kind of like an empanada crossed with a pasty, it's baked dough, ground beef, spices, onions, and tastiness. The other thing they sell is Coconut bread. For $2.75 CI a loaf, it is well worth the price. 20140206_171328 Second is Anne's Jerk Shop, "The Bread of Life". But she hasn't been open any day that we've been by. 20140206_171545 Hell is this interesting configuration of tourist traps wrapped around a small bit of really evil and jagged looking coral. I first went to Hell in 1984, and it's only gotten cheezier since. 20140206_171931 20140206_171744 20140206_171957 But as I pulled out of the parking lot, I relized I dropped my cue sheet... So you know the lyrics... "If you're going thru Hell, keep on going..." so I did. Around the rest of West Bay, then down to the fairly empty Yacht Club. Normally there might be a big honkin' boat anchored here, but the largest ones were the charter boats for taking people out on the sound. Guess all the rich folk are back in the Mediterranian getting their power plants worked on. My next ride took me counter-clockwise around West Bay, mainly because I wanted to tackle the back-side of the little hills that I met the ride previous. I stopped at the remodeled and moved Turtle Farm, but they had closed for the day. 20140208_174025 The parking lot (i.e. the site of the previous incarnation of the turtle farm) has a nice big sea wall, and lots of concrete to house all types of cars. Note the cruise ship in the distance. 20140208_174219 And the new sign: 20140208_174324 I curtailed this sojurn as the following day I was expecting to ride a much longer ride...

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