What is it with Sunsets?

April 17, 2013

Back out on the Trek 7300 Hybrid again. Weather was nice, so I came home early and did a clockwise Arlington loop. Realize that I need to work on the fit of the hybrid, as my right knee started having pain somewhere around 10 miles from home. The pain occurs on the down stroke of the pedal, where I try to push down hard, like climbing or accelerating. Also reminds me I miss having clipless pedals, as I lose all my upward pull force, and any chance of pedaling in circles. I had at first been really scared of clipless pedals, and yes, I've tipped over a couple times, but the power gain is real (though all sorts of sites will tell you they really only add a little bit of power), and what they really add for me is allowing me to better pedal in circles, to focus on my cadence and those circles, and finally they keep my feet firmly attached to the pedals and in the same angle. I have a propensity to move my feet around alot on the hybrid, which changes the angles of my ankles/knees/legs, which is also why I think I might have knee problems too.

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