Why I Ride

November 04, 2015

Ryan Newill wrote this wonder piece for Velo News titled "Suffer No More". Go read it. Is it truly "suffering" to be on a bike ever? I agree; even though I spent hours and days on a bike "training," at no time was I truly "suffering" like those who have no food to eat, or who are being oppressed by their governments in slave camps, or locked away for committing no crime. And given that I'm now getting to the bottom of the climb where I'll start to regain just basic function of my right leg, I'll be forever grateful that I can get on a bike and I can go the places it takes me and I can spend time with my friends and I can coffeeneur. All that "suffering" is really just training, or just making the fun easier. So the rest of this is a Picture essay on "Why I Ride" I ride... for the feeling of accomplishment -- My first 100 mile ride: 20130601_160203 I ride... To honor those that served. 20130609_072322 I ride... To remember where I've been. 20130614_154206 I ride... Because I want to find what's ahead. 20130615_081829 I ride... So I can be around when she needs me. 20130615_175041 I ride... Because 100 Pounds is heavy. IMG_0145 I ride... Because Blueberry Soup is Delicious. IMG_1097 I ride... Because nothing is faster than a cyclist with a tailwind being chased by a nor' easter. IMG_1257 I ride... Because it's cheaper than commuting by car. IMG_1489 I ride... For the aloneness of climbing a mountain in the fog, just you, your bike, and your breathing. IMG_1522 I ride... For the friendships, and the discussions, and the people. 20130713_193524 20130716_104821 20140831_093805 20140228_075231 20140504_070913 20150313_072107(0) 20150314_133055 I ride... As someone once said, Make No Small Plans. 20130717_131407 20130719_160759 20130720_132837 2013-07-15 17.47.52 2014-09-04 11.34.21 I ride... For all the wonderful places you didn't know you'd find. 20131221_114153 20130717_101513 20130704_082014 20130825_113200 20130928_090302 20131006_104330 20131006_104943 20140205_131027 20140206_171736 20140517_144110 20140517_184056 20140525_081516 Also... I ride... For the Coffee. 2013-11-03 16.06.56 20130715_211906 20130718_110835 20131004_081023 20131013_153642 20131016_072324 20131018_083401 20131031_103855 And...Because you never know who you'll inspire: 20150208_165212 20150326_190220

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